05 Health Benefits, Uses or Side Effects of Fig (Benefits Uses of Fig )

05 Health Benefits, Uses or Side Effects of Fig 

You may know that some fruits are more beneficial after drying. Today we are going to tell you about such a fruit: whose name is Fig. (Benefits Uses of Fig )Figs are known to increase the taste of food. This crunchy and sweet fruit has been being treated for many years for diseases. It is considered very beneficial for health. So let’s know about it. 

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Table of Contents

1. What is fig?

2.Types of figs.

3.Benefits of figs.

4.Use of figs.

5.Side effects of fig.

Benefits Uses of Fig

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What is fig?

Fig is a fruit that is dried and used as dry fruits. This is high yield in Afghanistan. Its fruit is light yellow in color, while after ripening it may be dark golden or purple. Dried figs are always readily available. People living in Iran, India and Middle-East countries consume it in large quantities.

Types of figs

This species is found worldwide. It is very tasty to eat in all its forms Its benefits for our body can also be the same. Let’s know about its types.

1. Black mission – Its color is black and purple outside. It is not only sweet to eat but also very beneficial for the body. You can also use it to enhance the taste of food.

2. Kadota – Figs have a soft juicy outer coating and crunchy seeds. It is re-grown from these seeds. Warming it up and adding salt to it tastes delicious.

3.Calimyrna – It is greenish-yellow from outside. Its size is larger than other varieties and its taste is also different. 

4. Adriatic – It is green from outside and pink from inside. It is very beneficial for health. It is the sweetest and you can eat it as a fruit. 

Benefits of figs  

1. Benefits Uses of Fig for digestion and constipation

In today’s deteriorated lifestyle, everyone has problems with constipation. Most people like to sit and work. Your stomach keeps growing due to your wrong food and drink. Due to overwork, many people eat large amounts of food. Which causes constipation problems. In this case, it is important that you should eat figs

2. Benefits Uses of fig for low weight 

Weight gain has also become a common problem today. Everyone likes to do easy work. You do not do any activity while working which directly affects your weight. For this, it is necessary that you use a small number of figs daily.

3. Benefits Uses of fig for diabetes 

Many types of nutrients are found in figs. Its leaves also contain many such beneficial ingredients that are beneficial for the patients of diabetes. If figs are included in the diet, they help fight diabetes.

4. Aid to reduce Cholesterol

Due to your wrong diet, the amount of cholesterol in your body keeps increasing. Figs contain a fiber called pectin, which reduces the level of bad cholesterol from the blood.

5. Source of energy 

The benefits of eating fig is found in all types of diseases, while it also helps to increase strength. The body needs energy for day’s run. In this case, you should consume figs daily, so that your energy source will remain well.

Use of figs 

As we told you above, it can be eaten both in a pleasant and fruitful way. You can either eat it like this or you can eat it by peeling off. Dried figs are also used when making muesli bars and porridge. It is included in the way of eating figs.

The Bottom Line

Excess intake of this can also harm us. It should be used only in limited quantities so that the sugar in it can cause obesity. Those with high blood pressure are advised to eat figs so that the amount of blood glucose and insulin remains balanced. There is no doubt that fig is a very healthy fruit, but it is very important to take some precautions regarding its consumption. For example, eating 2 to 3 dried figs daily is sufficient.

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