06 Best Beauty Books For Women

06 Best Beauty Books For Women

In the day-to-day routine, you do a variety of physical and mental tasks from home to family to the office. From time to time, we also pay attention to health, but do you know that in the daily routine, you include some things that cause great harm to your health as well as beauty. 06 Best Beauty Books For Women

The most difficult for a working woman is to take time to take care of her own skin. Because of this, they often have many skin problems that begin to dull their look. It also affects their overall appearances. Most of the women like to go to the YouTube channel to know about beauty: But apart from these online channels, there are other things too: Who makes us aware of the beauty. It is always a good idea to get your information from reliable sources – like a beauty book. Today we will tell you which beauty book is right for you. 

06 Best Beauty Books For Women  

1. Skin Rules

Skin Rules: Your 6 Week Plan For Radiant Skin. In this book, she incorporated many makeup rules from the point of view of a makeup artist Because identifying your skin type, acquainting yourself with the fine print on labels-to home remedies, choosing the right make-up and the latest advancements in skin care treatments, this book has the answers to all your skin woes. You’d be amazed at what a short, six-week routine can do for your skin. So what are you waiting for? You start it now and see the amazing benefits.

About The Author –

Dr. Jai Sri Sharad is one of the most influential makeup artists, and his techniques and styles are unparalleled. He has been featured in numerous editorials, music videos, fashion shows, advertisements, and literally every major beauty and fashion magazine. He is the only Indian on the board of directors of the International Society of Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery. She is also the International Patron of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. She is the Medical Director of Skinfinity Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic in Mumbai. This is his second book.06 Best Beauty Books For Women

2. A Handbook of Natural Beauty

A handbook of Natural Beauty has etched a distinct segment within the realm of Curative Sciences in our country and abroad, tho’ the protagonists of the healthful healing system have enclosed a great deal of alternative unorthodox treatments in their curative disciplines. Nature Cure, through its correct application, brings concerning wonderful changes that baffle the practitioners of contemporary drugs, absent because it is of the unhealthful side-effects of drug treatments.

About The Author –

Shri H.K. Bakhru has been conducive articles on varied diseases and their cures through life science and nature cure treatments, that once place into apply is often of large profit to the authority similarly because of the commoner. The book, fitly titled Diet Cure for Common Ailments, covers the full gamut of ailments that may be cured simply by correct food habits and regulation of one’s life, while not recourse to medicative treatment. The book relies on the theories and fundamentals of Nature Cure that move to preserve health and vitality and regain these once lost. it’ll doubtless be a boon not solely to laymen however conjointly to nature cure practitioners as a reference guide as a result of its sensible utility.

3. Making Faces 

In his distinctive book format, Kevin Aucoin’s Making Face Beauty Book combines a selection of modern, travel-friendly makeup looks. Divided into three into chapters, an equivalent card is included to ensure that you get top tips about contour and highlighting powders as well as blusher and generous eyeshadow choice. It has almost 200 and more color photographs and can help you create a wide range of looks.

About The Author –

We tell you something about the author of this book. Kevyn Aucoin’s faces appeared in editorial options, fashion shows, music videos, and advertising campaigns further as on the covers of just about every major magazine. He was a guest on several tv programs, as well as Oprah, these days show, word of farewell America, VH-I’s Fashion tv, MTV’s House of fashion and amusement Tonight.

His shopper listing scan sort of a World Health Organization’s Who of the amusement world’s elite: this list enclosed Sharon Stone, Whitney Houston, Linda Evangelista, Virgin Mary Tyler Moore, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley, and Bette Midler, among many, several others. besides the various accolades, he received could be a special award from the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), the primary And solely time such an honor was presented on a makeup creator.

4. Makeup Masterclass

Robert Jones’ Makeup Masterclass could be a comprehensive guide to makeup that’s organized from beginner to professional. you’ll be able to begin at your ability level and learn!

  • This all-comprehensive guide to the makeup brush could be a full beauty education for girls (and men!) of all ages and ability levels. parliamentarian Jones’ Makeup Masterclass options lessons for individuals of all ability levels; from the “makeup-challenged” to people who arable to take their skills to the skilled level.
  • This guide book includes:
  • Step-by-step photos to make your makeup repertoire and maximize natural beauty at any age
  • Techniques to focus on your best traits and build your confidence as a makeup creator
  • Before-and-after photos to assist you to win appearance for any skin tone
  • Basic product and tools you must have in your makeup drawer
  • Extensive product data to assist you to create good purchases
  • Tips for organizing your makeup—know what to stay and what to toss
  • Secrets concerning product shelf-life and makeup ingredients you must recognize before shopping for
  • Helpful Q&As in each chapter
  • Quick-reference index

About The Author –   

Robert Jones has created a beauty empire that has 5 internationally popular books, The Henry M. Robert Jones Beauty Academy, a proprietary line of makeup effects, and variant social media followers.

Henry M. Robert has worked with celebrity purchasers as well as Cindy Crawford, Selena Gomez, Claire Danes, Laura Linney, Edie Falco, The Dixie Chicks, and LeAnn Rimes.

Jones’ business purchasers embrace point, Almay, Revlon, Mary Kay, Avon, Chanel, Olay, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s. associate degree in-demand speaker, Henry M.Robert speaks oft at massive women’s events and wonder faculties across the country, has appeared on The nowadays Show multiple times and often writes for attracting, InStyle, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Brides Magazine to call many.

5. Your Beauty Mark

Dita Von Teese tells us how to cultivate retro style glam in this beautiful book. It keeps all kinds of beauty secrets from old Hollywood celebrity makeup artists and Dita. Gorgeous color photos with images and step-by-step makeup instructions can help you hone your skills. Including accessible techniques for making beautiful and a makeup appearance. Educated in small step illustrations and original illustrations by Adele Mildred, among many gorgeous color images.

About The Author – 

Dita Von Teese is a dealer dancer, model, costume designer, entrepreneur, and actress. Her life revolved around a burst of lipsticks, makeup layers, and hairspray that created her stylish drag queen look. She wrote this beautiful book with her co-writer Rose Apodaca and shared many beauty tips and tricks to achieve those whimsical and ultra-glam makeup look.

6. Face with a Heart

Face with a Heart by Chris, Scott is one of the best beauty books and guides from the experts at GOOP, who are highly trusted resources for healthy and mindful living. We tell you that this is a beautiful book that has recommendations of nontoxic products, quick red-carpet hair, and makeup hacks, and tips on taking care of aging, acne, and other skin problems. It also includes detox recipes, workout plans, and overall head-to-toe beauty and wellness.06 Best Beauty Books For Women

About The Author –

CHRIS SCOTT, M.A. is the creator of San Francisco-based MakeupGourmet. Over his nearly 30-year career, to boot, to doing makeup for top models from every corner of the earth, he to boot had the honor of operational for legends like a rock star, USVice President Albert Gore son., actress Black, Maya Angelou, and Olympic Gold medalists Oksana Baiul and Kristi Yamaguchi. He was the creator and host of the show ‘Makeup Gourmet’ from 2008 – 2010.  

Chris is to boot the author of Cosmetic Counter SurvivalGuide: the thanks to acquiring the Right Skin Care and Makeup and additionally the international #1bestseller Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup.

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