A healthy diet for coronavirus/healthy tips for COVID 19

A healthy diet for coronavirus/healthy tips for COVID 19

Hello friends, this blog of mine is very important. My blog is for everyone Whether it is coronavirus/covid19 positive or not. Friends, you must know that those people whose immunity is strong, the attack of COVID 19 on those people is not much. Today this coronavirus/covid19 is spreading its footing everywhere taking a terrible form. In such a situation, we need that we do not leave our homes following the rules of our government. Along with staying at home, we should know what to do to strengthen our immunity. Let’s know. Other Recipe

Top 3 healthy tips for coronavirus/COVID19 

1.Intake of vitamin D rich foods for coronavirus/COVID19 

As you all know that to reduce the coronavirus, our body’s immunity must be good and strong. And to increase immunity, the Ministry of AYUSH has given many such measures which we can use in our daily life. One of them is to activate vitamin D inside the body. Sun is considered the main source of vitamin D For the supply of vitamin D, you can use milk and fish oil in your diet.

2. Use ginger

Ginger has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Which helps in curing many diseases and provides energy to our body. Ginger strengthens the immune system due to which cold cough and flu problems go away. The antioxidants included in ginger are very useful, which makes the immune system strong, using it will relieve you of the corona to a great extent.

3. By using the Kara

everyday Friends, you will know about this experiment. Still, I want to tell you that right now, in this time of great trouble, we have to use some such things which have been going on since ancient times. In such a situation, if you drink the mixture of some four to five things required, then you will not see the corona. For this, you boil a mixture of two to three basil leaves, cinnamon, ginger, jaggery, and add it to your diet every day.

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