Benefits of Cardamom, Uses & Side Effects

Benefits of Cardamom, Uses & Side Effects 

Cardamom is found in every home. It is a mouth freshener and spice, which is added to many types of dishes. It is commonly used to enhance taste in different types of sweets. Most people use cardamom as a delicious spice and remain ignorant about the benefits of health. Cardamom used in making any type of delicious dish.

Types of Cardamom

  • Green Cardamom – This cardamom is used to enhance the taste of both sweet and salty dishes. cardamom is exported from India to other countries.
  • Black Cardamom – This cardamom belongs to the Himalayan region but It is cultivated mostly in Sikkim, eastern Nepal, and parts of West Bengal, India

Benefits & Side Effects of Cardamom

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 1. To relieve digestion

Most people have digestive problems at this time. Our deteriorating lifestyle and eating out are the main reasons for this. Every person gives fennel, cardamom to his guests after eating. Cardamom contains natural ingredients that help digest food. For this, you must consume 2-3 cardamom.

2. Beneficial for heart health

Nowadays heart disease has become common. Consumption of small cardamom proves to be very effective in keeping the heartbeat right. It contains minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. You can get rid of heart disease to a great extent.

3. Effective in anxiety

The everyday person is going through some stress. Sometimes it happens when you are under a lot of stress. You don’t understand what to do then. In this case, you can use cardamom to freshen up the mind. It contains some type of nutrients that relaxes the mind.

4. Help to reduce diabetes

In today’s time, everyone has problems with diabetes. Most people keep getting entangled in this matter, how do we control it? There is a direct way to this, you have to focus on your food first. You have to improve your lifestyle. Along with this, you should also eat cardamom.

5. Clear mouth odor

If your mouth smells bad & people hesitate to talk to you, then you should take cardamom. For this, you can keep cardamom in your mouth all the time. Cardamom protects us from bad odor, any kind of infection, ulcers. Eat cardamom daily to avoid bad breath.

The Bottom Line

Cardamom is the cure for many diseases, but you must also have knowledge of its disadvantages. Very few people would know that if this miraculous spice is used in more quantity then it also damages the body. Excess intake of this can cause nausea and vomiting. Using it for a long time can cause breathlessness.

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