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I am going to tell you my recipe, which will help you in making all the dishes. You must read all the blogs about our recipe thoroughly.

We have started this site when we were in no experience. After I graduated I got a job and then only cooking got serious in me. I used to cook my daughter for her school lunches and her friends asked me for the recipes. So I decided to start my very own blog where I can save my recipes. Hence I created a REAL FOODIE IDEA. This blog was a tiny one before, but as days passed by it got lots of exposure and my viewers started increasing. Seriously REAL FOODIE IDEA took the most time in my day and I started to take my website seriously.

My work was a good investigate-based one and it went awesome, but I found that something was lacking in that. I realized that this is not what I want to do in my future and this is not going to be my career. After lots of thinking and discussion with my wife. I took a brave decision. I quit my job. I tell you that my wife loves cooking and she has made a lot of dishes.

Why I Start This Website

I started small blogging on this website, looked into my blog. I created lots of recipes and updated my blog daily. As years pass by Real Foodie Idea has become a part of my life.

Hard work never goes into waste. All the love, time and hard work which I put into this website have really paid.


Right now I and my wife are working on this blog. She looks at my all work in this blog.
She helps me a lot in this blog, both of us have been together since school time and both have learned a lot. We both also have the qualification. Earlier, we used to write very detailed research but now we have got a lot of knowledge.

You can also write to me at realfoodieidea@gmail.com for feedback, happy comments, thoughts,  recipe requests, guest blogging, product review, advertising, and featured articles.

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