How to survive from Coronavirus / Top 5 Ideas

How to survive from Coronavirus / Top 5 Ideas

Hello friends, you all must know that this dreaded disease spreading nowadays has caused so much devastation.

This disease has spread throughout the world. Along with all the countries, this virus is now spreading rapidly in the country. The number of infections in the world has reached something like 45 lakhs and cases have been registered in India up to 78000.

The weather is changing very fast at the moment And because of this, the winter cold is happening very fast. But this coronavirus has created fear in everyone’s mind. Today everyone wants to avoid this virus Because the symptoms of the virus are also from cold. In such a situation, instead of panic, we need to be aware. Other Safty By Coronavirus

Let’s know how to avoid coronavirus 

It is necessary to have a social distance to control coronavirus

This thing is also very important to avoid this virus. You must have seen that the Honorable Prime Minister also appears giving this advice that if we move out of our house, it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet. This is because it is not known if the who in the crowd is corona positive due to which we can also be threatened by it.

Wash your hands because you will be protected from this coronavirus

Nowadays you all will be watching that in every advertisement and are told in the TV ad that you wash your hands again and again. And you have to wash your hands continuously for 20 seconds. For this, it is necessary that you can wash it with any soap or hand wash or clean it with any hand sanitizer.

Avoid applying hands-on eyes, nose, and ears

if you want to avoid this infection so it is important to remember that we should not put our hands on our eyes, ear, and nose. This point is that if you ever touch any of your positives, then by applying your hand, this infection does not reach you. This is why doctors recommend that you keep your face protected the most

Do not touch any button and handle of the door 

Also, take special care of this fact that we do not go to any place, do not touch the lift button, the handle of the door. Because you know that the transition on the handle and button is more. Do you know that infections on all these metallic things last longer? In this situation, vigilance is necessary

Avoiding social gathering and wedding party 

Until we get any vaccine of this virus, then it is very important to understand that we have to keep our activity under control. You will have to avoid going to any social activity and wedding, party and you will have to explain this to those around you too.

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