How to Weight Gain at Home

How to Weight Gain at Home 

Many people in India are sad due to obesity but more than that people are sad due to being thin. People whose weight is balanced according to their age and height, they enjoy a healthy life. Being less weight than normal is bad for you. We see many people around us who exercise to gain weight. Often people advise to reduce obesity, but no one talks about increasing weight. So today we are going to tell you some tips to gain weight. How to Weight Gain at Home 

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Tips for Weight Gain

1. Calorie (How to Weight Gain at Home )

A calorie is directly related to energy. The human body needs calories to survive – for physical activity, to breathe, to pump more blood, and to move forward, your body gets this energy from food. While fewer calories are needed to lose weight, more calories should be consumed to gain weight.

2. Eat more food

You should eat small amounts of six in a day instead of three and consume calorie-rich foods every time. If you eat more at one time your digestive system gets bad due to which you feel less hungry. Eating a little bit more frequently will make digestion even better and improve health.

3. Excess protein

If you go to the gym, then you will know how important its role is in building and strengthening our muscles. In food is always more carbohydrate content and less protein. Along with calories, protein is also needed to gain weight. The body gets energy by consuming protein-rich foods.

4. Yoga

You all must be well aware that yoga is the greatest means of keeping the body healthy. Such power in yoga that you can directly connect with God. Yoga is helpful in reducing weight as well as weight gain. If you do yoga along with a diet chart for weight gain, you may get more benefits. We will tell you some important things about yoga in the next blog. 

5. Exercise to gain weight

You must have often noticed that people do a lot of exercises to lose weight. Similarly, people do many exercises to increase weight. Exercise is a medium through which you can stay very fit as well as your food should be of the same type. We are telling some exercises which you should do under the supervision of the trainer. 

  • Twisted crunch
  • Arm curls
  • Barbell squat
  • Pull-ups
  • Ab roller
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Side lateral race

In other blogs, we will tell you completely about these exercises.

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