Solar Eclipse 2020:The Solar Eclipse Will Occur on June 21, Know These Rules Before the Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2020:The Solar Eclipse Will Occur on June 21, Know These Rules Before the Eclipse  

Today we will tell you some interesting things about the solar eclipse on 21 June 2020, as well as you will know which rules will have to be followed in this. This eclipse will be a circular eclipse in which a bracelet-shaped image will be seen around the sun. In astrology, the eclipse has special significance whereas from a scientific point of view eclipse is considered an astronomical event. Solar Eclipse 2020

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This time on June 21, the biggest day of the year will be a rare astronomical event. That is, on Sunday, Ashadh Amavasya will get a solar eclipse. It is also called a Bracelet eclipse. This solar eclipse will be fully visible in some parts of the country. This solar eclipse will also be the first solar eclipse of the year 2020. 

Solar Eclipse 2020:The Solar Eclipse Will Occur on June 21,

Mythological texts even in the Mahabharata also describe the solar eclipse. The special thing is that there will be a thread in this solar eclipse. Which is considered very important. The sutak takes 12 hours before the eclipse and its completion is considered only after the eclipse ends. 

Time and visibility in India : Solar Eclipse 2020

This eclipse will start at 9:30 AM IST. The rotation of the Sun will start from 10 to 19 minutes. This format will end at 2:00 pm. Eclipse 3 will end at 04 minutes.

What is the annular solar eclipse 2020

It is neither complete nor partial. But when the angular diameter of the Moon decreases from the Sun so that it does not cover the latter part completely, an annular or annular solar eclipse occurs. 

All annular solar eclipse, the Moon is farthest from Earth, with its apparent diameter at that distance not enough to completely block the Sun.

On 21 June 2020, a Kankan solar eclipse, also known as Chudamani solar eclipse, will occur. According to Indian Standard Time, this eclipse will occur from 9:16 am to 03:04 pm and will be visible in India at different times from 9:55 am to 2:35 pm.

In 23 states of India, this eclipse will appear as Khandgrass.

The shadow of the sun will pass through these countries 

Its shadow will pass through northern parts of India, China, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan. The penumbral shadow of the Moon produces a partial eclipse, visible in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the northern part of Australia. 

Purohit said that two bad ominous things will happen. The first is that the eclipse is happening on the day of a change when the Dakshinayana of the Sun is going to begin, that is, the Sun God will make the eclipse yoga as soon as it enters Cancer sign in the evening. This incident is going to give a warning. When the Sun God enters the Ardra Nakshatra, the Earth becomes a regnal state and a three-day Ambuvasi festival begins at Kamakhya Shaktipeeth, Guwahati. 
On June 21, at 11:28 in the night, after the salvation of the sun god eclipse, Ardra will enter the constellation. This coincidence cannot be said to be auspicious for the already affected Covid-19 global epidemic.

Take these precautions during the solar eclipse

There is a need to take many precautions during a solar eclipse. Let us tell you that astrologers consider the time between 12 hours before the eclipse and 12 hours after the eclipse. This period is considered very harmful for pregnant women, so she should not get out of the house.

During the eclipse, the sun should not be seen with the naked eye even for very short periods of time. This can cause permanent eye damage. The time when the Moon covers most of the Sun is very sensitive.

It is important to note here that witnessing a solar eclipse without any equipment may cause severe and permanent damage to your eyes. Therefore, you must use protective eyeglasses, box projector, binoculars, or a telescope to watch it safely.

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