Vertigo, treatment And home remedies

Vertigo, treatment And home remedies

Dizziness is a common thing. Sudden darkness in front of the eyes and rotating of the head can be a problem with anyone. In addition, sometimes fatigue and weakness can be felt. All these are symptoms of dizziness. But if this is happening repeatedly and without reason, then it can be a sign of major illness. Migraine may also cause frequent dizziness. Apart from this, people who take more stress may also have this problem. One reason for the dizziness is reduced blood supply to the brain. (Vertigo Treatment home remedies)

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Vertigo Reason

  • By migraines.
  • From drugs. 
  • Due to motion sickness
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Dehydration. Suddenly sitting or getting up.

Treatments for dizziness

  • If you feel dizzy due to Migraine, you can cure it by taking medicines.
  • Due to anxiety, you are having problems with it. You have to use anti-anxiety medication.
  • As soon as you feel dizzy, you have to lie down immediately.
  • The problem of dizziness can also be corrected by an exercise called Epley Maneuver.

Note- For all these treatments, you must first consult your doctor.

Other Health Benefits

Home remedies (Vertigo Treatment home remedies)

1. Ginger

We have already told you about the benefits of ginger. This can be very beneficial for relieving vertigo. If you are traveling somewhere and you have a problem with vertigo, then you can remove it by consuming it.

2. Honey

Immediately after its intake the body gets a sufficient amount of calories. In such a situation, it is important that whenever you have such a problem, then you must also consume honey.

3. Basil

Tulsi is worshiped in most Hindu families. Apart from mythological importance, it is also a well-known medicine, Usually, there are two types of this seen in homes. One whose leaves have a slightly darker color and the other whose leaves have a lighter color. Eating this plant extract can be beneficial to cure dizziness.

4. Almond

There are many nutritional elements found in almonds. Vitamin B6 is found in very high amounts in it. Consuming can relieve the problem of vertigo. In this case, you should consume 2-4 almonds every day.

5. Gooseberry

Eating Amla leads to high levels of protein in the body. Vitamin C has as much as two oranges in a gooseberry. Vitamin C should also be consumed to get rid of vertigo. Applying Indian gooseberry pulp on the head can reduce headaches and dizziness. 

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